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Inve[n|s]t UB

A club for capital ideas

What is Inve[n|s]t UB?

A Club for Innovators

Inve[n|s]t UB is a faculty, staff and student club for innovators looking to work on exciting, real-world challenges. We help create and encourage cross functional teams that are working on applying computing technologies to domains like finance, medicine, and community service. We aim to create a culture where you can meet partners to work with, brainstorm and connect with students and mentors who can help turn interesting ideas into concrete solutions.

Who Can Join?

The club is open to innovators of all levels of experience from all schools in UB who are looking to learn, brainstorm, and build, and to faculty and alumni who want to serve as idea generators, domain ambassadors, or project mentors.

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How does it work?

Inve[n|s]t UB holds a series of workshops on innovation related topics, as well as regular brainstomring and networking sessions. We maintain an idea-bank of project possibilities that inventors can take charge of, and help form teams to tackle the ideas. We will also help connect you with the resources and people you need to take it to the next step, whether that is filing a patent, releasing an app to the app store, starting a new company, or becoming an open source hero. Our network of partners brings a wide array of expertise to your disposal!

Special Interest Groups

Wizards Of Odds

The Wizards of Odds is an Invenst special interest group focused on fin tech applications and learning. Want to know more about automated trading? Want an opportunity to learn some fundamentals of finance to help you construct and comprehend applications related to finance? This may be the perfect group for you! The SIG meets weekly, guided by two mentors with a passion for both finance and technology. Sign up here!

Deep Learning SIG

Our newly formed deep learning SIG is looking for memebers! The group will explore both the theory behind DL, and brainstorm and work on practical applications. Contact CSE GSA to learn more!

Form a SIG!

Have a specific area that you would like to see a special interest group formed around? Are you a mentor who would like to collaborate with students in a specific domain? Let me know!

Event Schedule

Technology Lending Library

Need Resources to Get Started?

Thanks to the UB President's Circle, we have a new technology lending library that may help! If you want to explore iOS development, but don't currently have Apple hardware, or you want to try your hand at an Alexa skill, we can lend equipment to get you going! Conctact Alan Hunt for more information.

What Are We Working On?

Idea Bank

The Idea Bank is where to go if you're looking for an idea to get started on! Our mentors have helped identify some areas of interest that could turn into the next big thing. Do you have an idea? Contact Alan Hunt or fill out an Idea Bank Deposit Slip to get it added to the bank!

Want to get started but not sure how? Take a look at our Getting Started guide.

Project Place

The Project Place is where you can see what efforts are active, and who is working on what!

Challenge Center

The Challenge Center is where our partners have set out some challenges to solve. Help them figure out the best way to solve a real-world business problem!

Who Are We?


  • Dr. Chunming Qiao

    Distinguished Professor and former CSE Department Chair

  • Dr. Paul Tesluk

    Former Dean, School of Management

  • Bob Girardi

    Former CSE IAB Co-Chair, retired President/CEO of SofTrek

  • Dr. Charles Tirone

    Radiologist, Adjuct CSE Faculty

Faculty Leadership

  • Alan Hunt

    Club President, Professor of Practice CSE

Mentors, Partners, and Evangelists

  • Dr. Thomas Ulbrich

    Assistant Dean, SoM

  • Dr. Christian Tiu

    Chair, Finance

  • Dr. Jiang Feng

    Assistant Professor, Finance

  • Dr. Kevin Keane

    Research Assistant Professor, CSE

  • Dr. Dominik Roesch

    Assistant Professor, Finance

  • Dr. Jay Schwartzkopf

    Executive in Residence, Finance

  • Dan Magnuszewski

    Cofounder & CTO, ACV Auctions

  • Bob Fritzinger

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Dr. John McClure

    Buffalo Museum of Science Board

  • Hadar Borden

    Program Director, Blackstone Launchpad

  • Dr. Andrew Olewnik

    Director, SEAS Experiental Learning


  • Your Name Here! We're looking for student leaders to take on event coordination, communications, web development, and more. to talk about getting involved!



The Computer Science and Engineering Department is the club sponsor, and is spearheading this effort to connect burgeoning technical talent with real world opportunities.

Bob Girardi and Joan Murray

Inspiring Student Innovation

Invent With Nokia

Invent With Nokia - Nokia’s premier external invention platform Invent With Nokia is an online program for the public to propose patentable inventions to Nokia in return for financial compensation. Areas of technology sought are: Radio Standards (5G radio, LTE radio, WiFi, Core network), Wireless Technologies (non-standards), Application & Analytics (security, IoT, etc.), IP and Optical, Digital Health, Fixed Networks and Emerging Technologies.

UB School of Management

The UB School of Management is a key partner for our club, providing ideas for combining the power of computing with the complexity of finance. They are also a source of domain expertise and ambassadors who help club members make the connections they need to succeed with their projects.

Blackstone Launchpad

Blackstone Launchpad is a campus-based entrepreneurship program designed to introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career path. They welcome all students, alumni, faculty and staff, regardless of discipline, experience or degree program. With the tools, resources and network available through Blackstone LaunchPad and their partners, anyone can be an entrepreneur!

Collaborating Partners

SEAS Experiental Learning

We support the goals of experiential learning and coordinate with the Engineering Intramurals programm to help find the best context for student projects, depending on time, complexity, and available mentorship.

Therese Kelly Investment Group

The Terese Kelly Investment Group is the School of Management's student-run investment fund with over $400,000 in real assets designed to educate finance students on the practical aspects of global capital markets, while providing them with real-world learning experiences in investment management.


UB ACM is a student run club whose mission is to empower student peers and help them find their path in computer science. They run a variety of student led initiatives and events, from workshops to hack nights to tech talks. It's a great place to meet like minded Computer Science and Engineering undergraduates and sharpen your skills!